With car discounts, the sack has been torn in recent weeks. Before the end of the year, SsangYong, but also Opel, Lexus, Toyota or the Chinese Dongfeng pulled out discounted offers. Reactions from other brands don’t take long. Hyundai has prepared particularly carefully for the new year, offering discounts on all popular models across the board.

Let’s go in order – all cars in stock are now eligible for a promotional bonus of CZK 20,000 when paying in cash, or CZK 40,000 with Hyundai Finance financing. If we take into account all the benefits (usually free winter tires, a bonus when using a credit product or other discounts), we get a discount of 95 to 205,000 CZK, depending on the model.

In practice, this means that you can buy the urban Hyundai i10 on sale from 259,990 CZK, the larger i20 with convenient Comfort Club equipment costs from 349,900 CZK, the very popular i30 with a petrol engine and Start Plus equipment costs 369,900 CZK.

Foto: Hyundai

The new Hyundai Kona Comfort comes with a discount of up to 110,000 CZK, which is not usual for such a young model.

Prices in the category of SUVs and crossovers are now no less attractive. The small Bayon starts at 369,990 CZK, you can have the new Kona from 519,990 CZK and the full-size SUV Tucson even from 549,990 CZK. We recommend examining the price lists of individual versions very carefully. In the case of the Tucson, you can get a total discount of up to 205,000 CZK and accessories for half the price in the Freedom version! In addition, the bonus applies not only to the standard versions, but also to the Tucson N Line and hybrid and plug-in hybrid drives.

Other models were not forgotten either. Hyundai Santa Fe, Staria, as well as the electric models Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6 are also offering some form of discount today. You can find detailed information on the currently ongoing events on the brand’s website, general discounts are valid at least until February 29 this year.