LifeSpan also brought its new to CES 2024 Ampera exercise bikewhich is designed to use the energy generated during pedaling to charge the phone via a 15W Qi charging plate. You can in the same way also recharge the laptop (via a 65W USB-C port), however, it requires more effort and better fitness.

According to the company’s official estimates, you could phone charge to 50% in half an hour. And if you pedal at a speed higher than 60 rpm, you will be able to produce 65 watts per hour, which is enough to charge a laptop or USB battery quite decently. There’s also a companion app that lets you track, how much energy you have produced, how many calories you burnedand even change the color of the built-in RGB light.

The advantage is that the exercise bike is relatively compact, but still comfortable. You can therefore pedal while working and charge your work device at the same time.