The premiere of the modernized Volkswagen Golf 8 is planned in a few weeks. However, because the German automaker wanted to stand out in front of visitors to the CES fair in Las Vegas, where it will present a new generation of infotainment, it wrapped the new product in camouflage foil and sent the first photos to the world. However, the final form was not managed, the appearance of the sporty GTI was inadvertently revealed when looking at the multimedia.

A fundamental innovation on the front is above all a larger opening in the front bumper filled with a honeycomb pattern. We can also notice the redesigned lighting technology and the new design of the alloy wheels (do they also remind you of the Skoda Octavia RS?). The leak from the car’s infotainment also shows the rear part, where the lamp graphics have changed slightly. And the two exhaust tips remain.


A look into the car’s multimedia revealed the final form. This is not the first time such a leak has happened.

Return of buttons

But let’s focus on the official photos released to the world by Volkswagen. On them, the distinctive rear spoiler, which we have seen so far on the even sharper GTI Clubsport, is particularly noticeable. However, a look into the cabin is essential, which reveals several essential innovations.

First of all, we can notice that even in higher equipment and specifications, the steering wheel has definitively gotten rid of touch surfaces with haptic feedback. This solution was unfortunate, practically during any maneuver there was a risk of activating one of the functions by mistake. Good old physical buttons are definitely a better solution in this regard.

Photo: Volkswagen

Standard steering wheel buttons? Three cheers!

Artificial intelligence is headed for cars

We also have a redesigned infotainment system. This is a particularly important innovation in the case of the Golf, as the vast majority of the car’s functions and settings are controlled by touching the screen. The display is now larger and the multimedia environment is clearer with the new software. So controlling the car should be a bit easier again. And if, like the Cupra Tavascan, it was possible to illuminate the temperature adjustment bar (which was therefore unusable in the dark), we will be especially excited!

The ChatGPT tool, i.e. a form of artificial intelligence, will become part of infotainment. It does not serve as a replacement for today’s voice control, it will be another addition that will supposedly provide a “relevant answer to any question”. It will be possible to converse with AI in the Golf (and other new Volkswagens) from the second quarter of this year.

No word yet on engines and prices. It can be assumed, however, that the range of power units will not change too much as part of the facelift, and the sporty derivatives will still be driven forward by a two-liter turbo petrol with pleasant performance and character. We look forward to!

News of the rejuvenated Golf…

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