Although the automotive market is still dealing with the reverberations of all global crises, this does not have too much influence on the list of this year’s novelties. We can look forward to a wide range of new cars that will be presented to the world this year or that will immediately start to roam the Czech roads. Here are!

Rejuvenated staples

Several important models are looking for a facelift this year. The fourth generation will see modernization Too bad Octaviathe plan is also to innovate the eighth Volkswagen Golf. We are still waiting for the official unveiling, but both brands have revealed to us a view of the bow, which mainly reveals the significantly changed lighting technology.

That rejuvenated Citroen Berlingo it has already been introduced to the public, it has a redesigned and even more extravagant face modeled after modern design concepts and is officially sold exclusively with electric drive in Europe. However, we assume that the domestic dealership will once again use the options of the N1 category, and Berlingo will still offer combustion engines, including diesel.

Several models will be rejuvenated by the Hyundai brand this year. The crossover will receive minor innovations Statementbut especially so popular in the Czech Republic i30 a SUV Tucson. This will be the second facelift for the “thirty-year-old”, which will further extend her life cycle. The more modern Tucson has already been shown and attracts mainly the folded front, which, however, still remains the characteristic lights.

Photo: Škoda Auto

This is how the rejuvenated Octavia shines. The full reveal will take place in February.

SUV for families

Currently, the largest Mazda SUV for the European markets is the CX-60, which will soon be supplemented by a larger, up to seven-seater CX-80. It will be introduced in the spring of this year, and we will start seeing it on the roads before its end. In addition to the third row of seats, it promises a unique design and honest engines derived from the “sixties” – the plug-in hybrid will be supplemented by a 3.3-liter diesel six-cylinder, but the grave silence remains around the promised gasoline six-cylinder, which was supposed to complement the engine range later.

According to behind-the-scenes information, we should also see the debut of a brand new generation at the end of the year Toyota RAV4. An innovation of the current technical base and key innovations, especially in the area of ​​design, technology and infotainment, are expected. It can be assumed that the main drive will remain the hybrid, which will replenish the plug-in hybrid in the socket.

Another important innovation is being diligently prepared by Peugeot. SUV 5008 is inspired by the smaller 3008 in the new generation, which means a more modern design and, in addition to combustion engines, electrified drives, including a pure electric car. This will be a major innovation in the case of the largest French SUV, the technical basis in the form of the STLA Medium platform will allow the installation of up to a 104kWh battery and a range of around 700 kilometers.

Photo: Stanislav Kolman (Garáž.cz)

The design direction of the Peugeot 5008 suggests a smaller 3008. The large SUV, however, will get an inflated body and up to seven seats.

More affordable electric cars

In the course of this year, several electrical novelties should appear on the Czech market, and most of them attract a favorable price tag. Maybe a crossover Hyundai Casper it promises a range of at least 300 kilometers and a price of just over half a million.

Even a brand new one will become a small electric car Renault 5. He has already revealed the stylish appearance and the first parameters. The larger of the two batteries (40 and 52 kWh) should be sufficient for a range of up to 400 kilometers, the price list should start at around 615,000 CZK. The Alpine brand will borrow the shapes of the “five” for its powerful version, and in the future, the offer will be expanded by an electric crossover Renault 4.

Photo: Renault

Renault 5 will arrive as a stylish retro.

The crossover should become the most affordable electric vehicle in the Kia range this year EV3. He presented himself in the form of an extravagant concept, but he has not yet revealed anything more about himself. It is similar in the case of the electric version SsangYongu Torres. We know for sure that it will arrive this year and that it looks like it will come from an incinerator, but the Koreans are keeping the details to themselves for now.

Škoda is also preparing an electric novelty. After the Enyaqu and the Enyaqu Coupé, it will expand the offer of a smaller SUV by name Elroq. As the name suggests, it will be an electric alternative to the Karoq with Modern Solid design elements. We do not yet know the details of the technology, but foreign servers are already speculating about an entry price tag of around CZK 850,000.

Cars from posters

And finally, cars that – with all due respect – you probably won’t put in the garage. These are specials, of which very few pieces will be produced and they will cost a fortune. Nevertheless, it deserves a place in our selection, because we are happy that we can also serve information about such automotive gems in the new year!

one of them is Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale – a limited edition of 33 sports cars introduced last year, which gives a choice between internal combustion and electric drive. It is not surprising that most interested parties chose the first option, namely a three-liter six-cylinder turbocharged with two turbos with an output of 620 horsepower. Both versions reach 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds and reach a symbolic 333 km/h. The price is not known, but you don’t have to be sad. The Italians sold out the edition just a week after the announcement of such a car. So everyone ordered it without even seeing it.

Photo: Alfa Romeo

New limited edition. Isn’t it divine?

It will become another dream novelty hypersport Bugatti, the spiritual successor of Chiron. Although the electric Rimac took control of the brand, it is said that the internal combustion engine will not be displeased. The new work is supposed to be a hybrid, which, according to the creators, has no analogues in the automotive market. The novelty will be the icing on the cake of celebrating the brand’s 115-year history.

In addition, a significant milestone awaits Ferrari as well. After the first SUV, Purosangue is preparing to make its debut in the field of electric cars this year. A controversial decision? That was also the SUV that is hopelessly out of stock today despite that. The Italians certainly know what they are doing…

Photo: Ferrari

The first Ferrari SUV has an elegant body and an atmospheric twelve-cylinder engine!