According to the director of the fire brigade, Vladimír Vlček, the most important thing from the point of view of safety is the early detection of an electric car fire and a good evacuation of smoke and heat.

Comparison of an electric car fire and an internal combustion car

According to Miklós, an electric car fire is different from a gasoline car fire. When battery storage burns, very high temperature and toxic smoke will be produced. The car is very poorly handled, you need to extinguish the flames and then get it out as quickly as possible and submerge it, he said. “Even immersion in water for 48 or 72 hours does not guarantee that there will not be a reaction there again,” said the deputy.

We cannot extinguish electric cars

“You can say that we can’t put out electric cars,” said Vlček. According to him, this also applies to firefighters abroad. According to him, pulling the car out and immersing it in a tub of water is not effective for firefighters, so they try other methods. The congregation currently has one special vehicle for removing electric cars from garages, and plans to have more in the regions.

Electric vehicle fires have so far been recorded by firefighters only in units. However, they are demanding. Fires usually occur during charging. According to Miklós, the decree on safety in garages will therefore focus on detection so that the fire does not spread to the entire battery storage and does not reach temperatures of a thousand degrees. For the largest garages, there should be a heat and smoke outlet.

Safety in garages

According to the deputy, safety standards will differ for newly built and existing garages. “For example, in underground garages in shopping centers, there is no longer much space to build any essential things, let alone in apartment buildings,” said Miklós. “But we can also talk about the fact that it will not be possible to recharge everywhere in existing garages. It will perhaps only be on the top floor, which has a direct exit, or only in certain dedicated places,” he added.