The VinFast car company was founded in 2017 by the richest Vietnamese businessman Pham Nhat Vuong. He is the head of the entire Vingroup empire, under whose wings belong countless lucrative properties and recreation centers in Vietnam. However, the own car brand does not want to stay only on the domestic scene, it very quickly started expanding into markets in Europe and the United States.

Today you can buy VinFast news in the Netherlands, France, but also in nearby Germany. During this year, the brand’s presence on European markets will also expand to include Great Britain. The offer includes, for example, the electric SUV VF 8, which is slightly longer than the Škoda Kodiaq. The battery with a capacity of 87.7 kWh promises a range of 471 kilometers on a single charge, but with a price of one million and a quarter, it is not exactly cheap.

This also applies to the larger seven-seater SUV VF 9, whose price list starts at 2.2 million crowns. Soon, however, the range of cars will grow to include smaller and more affordable VF 5 and VF 6 pieces, which can fit into the million.

Photo: VinFast

The VinFast VF 8 is the flagship model today, but according to reviewers, it has its flaws.

VinFast’s main weapon in the fight against captive brands is definitely an unrivaled guarantee. The car company offers standard coverage for its cars for 10 years or 200,000 kilometers! This is an unprecedentedly generous offer, for which you can’t even pay extra for some popular brands.

That Vietnamese society is serious about the European operation is also proven by news from Great Britain. There, the brand did not hesitate and immediately hired the experienced Andrew Pilkingon, who previously represented Genesis, Polestar or Maserati, and will be in charge of sales and marketing in the new location.

Photo: VinFast

The electric VinFast VF 9 seats seven passengers and promises a range of 594 km.

However, VinFast won’t take the first overseas reviews for granted. A number of experienced journalists from the USA assessed the VF 8 model as underdeveloped and unable to compete with established rivals. The truth, or fear of growing competition? If the expansion goes at this pace, we may soon see for ourselves in the Czech environment!

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