The second week of January last year, Aleš Lopraise’s truck is heading for success at the Dakar, leading the standings in the given category, but an incident that is difficult to understand occurs. A 69-year-old fan from Italy got entangled under the wheels of the competition colossus under one of the dunes, he died shortly after the collision while being transported to the hospital.

The second week of January this year, a very similar story. Perhaps even more incomprehensible shots come from the last stage of the Dakar. This time, one of the fans is not hidden behind a dune, but stands directly in the path of the racing special which is rushing at great speed. To make matters worse, in a crisis situation he starts to confuse and tragic clash as if he wanted to go against it.

The details of the entire incident are still awaited, at least one key message came from Saudi Arabia – the fan survived the clash. However, it was a serious blow, so it can be assumed that the accident will not be without some injuries. At the end of the recording, it can be seen that the competitor turns his car around and goes to help the person who has been knocked down.

However, there was not much left and the whole thing could have ended in another unnecessary tragedy and a ruined race. Let’s just remind you that Aleš Loprais could not continue after last year’s incident in Dakar (due to the police investigation) and resigned. Unfortunately, unruliness of fans right on the spot is nothing exceptional. “Just like in normal rallies, the organizers also deal with careless spectators and photographers at the Dakar,” informed our colleague Jan Červenka directly from the scene.

Let’s hope that we have already chosen the most dramatic moment of this year.