A new startup called Rabbit bet on a new artificial intelligence device that most closely resembles a walkie-talkie. R1 is the first device that Rabbit has launched. It’s about a standalone gadget for a virtual assistant in an orange square body by the designers of Teenage Engineering. Is equipped small 2.88-inch touch screen, analog scroll wheel, two microphones, speaker a 360-degree rotating camera.

Press and hold the button Push-to-Talk you instruct the Rabbit operating system to start listening. The heavily stylized rabbit head bobs slowly when you ask it a question or task, then quickly gets down to business. You can enter a series of questions and requests (e.g. ordering an Uber, asking to find a recipe from leftovers in the fridge, etc.).

Rabbit OS is able to solve these tasks using the so-called large action model (LAM). It’s also what founder and CEO Jesse Lyu cites as the company’s main innovation. LAM is designed to take actions on interfaces, not through APIs or applications. In short, it can be taught to do almost any task that can be done through the user interface.

The rotating camera is facing up by default. Turns its sensor toward the target only when prompted. He can do the usual tricks like identifying people or things in the real world (at least within reason). In the demo, Lyu points the R1 at a full fridge and asks it to based on its contents suggested the recipewhich is low in calories.

The device costs $199 and is already available for pre-order, with an expected delivery date sometime in March or April.

Source: engadget.com