Urtopia showed its flagship model for the first time at CES 2024 the Fusion electric bike with fully integrated ChatGPT. The Fusion follows on from the previous technologically advanced Chord models and the original Urtopia.

Urtopia calls the Fusion the world’s first dual-battery, dual-motor ebike by designer Hartmut Esslinger. It is for weight loss made of carbon fiber and uses a Shimano CUES derailleur on the regular model and an Enviolo stepless derailleur on the premium CVT version. Dual 540Wh battery allows range 120 kmbut thanks to the 360Wh battery extension, the range increases up to 200 km.

Thanks to the engine with a central drive with a power of 95 Nm, it can develop speed up to 25 km/h and thanks to the air suspension fork, it has a travel of 100 mm. All this in combination with a relatively low weight (23 kg), wide tires and a stable frame predestines the bike for off-road riding, on trails and in the city.

But the main advantages of the Fusion model are technology. Is connected using a 4G network and uses GPS tracking, which informs you of the bike’s location even in the event of theft. It is also equipped with a motion alarm, fingerprint unlocking, route tracking, mobile phone-free navigation and Bluetooth music via the built-in speaker.

The new technology, which the company calls Jarvis, allows using a smart ring (the company did not say which one) to turn on the bike, play music or activate another ChatGPT technology function. Through the built-in speaker, you can too chat directly with ChatGPT. ChatGPT on an e-bike can help explore new routes, get real-time information, and even engage in fun conversation, according to Urtopia.

But it is certain that this is a solid marketing ploy, with which the company tries to distinguish itself from many other e-bikes on the market. Buyers will have to shell out quite a bit of cash though, as the Fusion will cost €3,999 and the Fusion CVT will come in at €4,999.

Source: engadget.com