This is called Platform Beyond Vehicle (PBV) and, as the name suggests, it is actually one platform for several body variants. In practice, this means that the basis of the car with a cabin for the driver and passenger is always the same, while the car at the back can be changed according to the current need.

Photo: Kia

A van during the week, a minivan at the weekend. The new idea of ​​the Kia car company offers a wide range of uses.

The functioning of the system is presented by Kia on the PV5 concept. It can serve as a family minivan, and then, thanks to clever robots and software, it can be converted into several types of vans or even a small camper in a few minutes. And when it comes down to it, the platform can serve as the foundation of a custom body installed in the traditional way. Thanks to this, the utility concept actually represents five different cars in one.

It all works very similarly to the superstructures we know today. The only difference is that Kia uses a hybrid mechanical and electromagnetic principle to connect its platform and modules, which should be more time-efficient. There are no more specific creators yet, but the whole exchange process is said to be extremely easy, and thanks to automation, you can easily control it via a smartphone or tablet.

It probably won’t surprise you that it’s supposed to be a sophisticated solution especially for companies that don’t need to purchase several cars for their fleet, but one cleverly thought-out foundation will serve them. A vision of the far distant future? Nowhere. Kia wants to start up a new factory for this project in two years, which will eventually produce up to 150,000 commercial vehicles per year.

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