To maintain sales, Volkswagen has to cut prices. It goes about it smartly and adapts to the needs of the market.

In 2023, Tesla dominated European electric cars with the Model Y. Volkswagen initially did not want to engage in a price war with the American invader, but the development of the market ultimately gives it no choice.

Tesla is the best-selling electric brand in the Czech Republic for the first time.  Škoda Enyaq led the way among the models

At the turn of the year, dealers in the Nordic countries, France and Belgium announced widespread price reductions and equipment restructuring for the ID.3, ID.4 and ID.5 models. In addition, the content of the equipment lines is adapted to the specific requirements of the given region.

In our country too, discounting is expected on a wider scale, partly at the expense of equipment. However, user-friendliness or driving comfort will not be affected by the changes. Core elements such as the heat pump in the ID model. 3 remain. In addition, Volkswagen will introduce a new level of equipment for both electric and conventional models, which will offer everything needed beyond the basic with a minimal surcharge. We should learn more information on Monday, and on Tuesday the news will already be part of the updated configurators.

Despite declining demand, Europe is pouring billions more into electromobility.  Britain shows an almost utopian scenario

Electromobility will be a big question next year. Generous subsidy programs were behind the promising boom of recent years, but these are gradually ending. For example, in neighboring Germany, the government canceled them at the beginning of December, and by the end of the new year, car companies had taken it out of their own wallets. Some will continue until the spring, but overall demand for battery-powered cars is expected to decline even due to the economic recession.