Honda is restarting its entry into the world of electric cars. She will hopefully succeed on the second attempt, so far everything looks promising.

Japanese automakers are taking electromobility with a cool head and betting primarily on an intermediate step in the form of hybridization. Perhaps the most restrained approach was taken by Honda, who tried it with the e model, which was quite expensive. But she also realized that it wouldn’t work without battery cars, so at the CES fair in Las Vegas, she is presenting an entire model line called “Honda 0 Series”.

Zero has a key meaning because it heralds a new beginning. The sedan and van concept called Space-Hub is already ready. Along with this, the automaker presents a new logo for electric models. Production cars will go on sale in 2026. First in North America and then in Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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The design of the sedan is defined by rounded aerodynamic lines complemented by stylish LED lighting. Especially in the front, it looks a bit like a Lamborghini Countach. Thanks to the electric platform, the floor is flat, offering enough space even with relatively large seats. The digitized interior impresses with the dashboard, whose front panel consists of a screen and an electronic steering wheel in the form of rams, which have not yet achieved much success in the real world.

In 2021, Honda developed the Honda SENSING Elite level 3 autonomous driving system for the Legend model. The system is still under development and will play a key role in electric cars, provided there is sufficient demand for it. Even so, it will remain the center of the vehicle’s assistance and safety systems. These will be reinforced by artificial intelligence capable of deriving scenarios and will alert the crew or intervene accordingly. This opens up the possibility to take your hands off the steering wheel on the road, even off the highway. Artificial intelligence will also manifest itself in the interior, where it will monitor the habits and behavior of the driver and adapt the cabin atmosphere accordingly.

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It is too early for specific drive specifications. So far we know that the chassis will be equipped with e-Axles, which include the engine, converter and gearbox. A new generation of batteries with high energy density is expected, which will be smaller than the current ones, but at the same time they can be charged from 15 to 80 percent within 15 minutes.

While Honda is talking openly about the sedan, not a word has been said about the Space-Hub MPV in connection with series production. At the same time, this segment is quite alive in the world of electromobility.


In addition to cars and motorcycles, the Japanese Honda also produces separate engines, generators or garden equipment. The company was founded in 1948 by Soichiro Honda. Since 1950 it has been the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer.

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