Analysts do not expect significant changes in fuel prices in the coming days. “The price of diesel should continue to fall slightly, but it is unlikely that it will break away from the 36-crown level in the near future. As for gasoline, we will not see a definite trend here either, and in the coming days it looks like only small price changes,” says XTB analyst Jiří Tyleček. He attributes the current development of diesel prices to a relatively favorable winter and the associated lower demand for heating oil.

Purple Trading analyst Petr Lajsek now also predicts minimal price movements. However, according to him, due to the events on the oil market, fuels could become significantly cheaper towards the end of the month. In this context, he drew attention to the surprising increase in the production of the OPEC cartel in December, in which, according to Lajsko, there is currently disunity to limit production. “It is this disunity of the cartel that calms the markets, and the price of oil fell towards the end of the week,” added Lajsek.

The cheapest fuels are in southern Bohemia. On average, drivers fill up a liter of gasoline there for 35.31 CZK, a liter of diesel for 35.42 CZK. On the contrary, gas stations in Prague offer the most expensive fuel. Gasoline costs an average of CZK 38.15/l in the capital, while diesel costs an average of CZK 38.13/l.

In a year-on-year comparison, according to CCS data, gasoline in the Czech Republic is now 32 pennies per liter cheaper than a year ago, while motorists paid CZK 1.41 per liter more for diesel at that time.

Average fuel prices in the Czech Republic as of January 10, 2024 (in CZK/l):

End Natural 95 Nafta
CR 36,01 36,08
Prague 38,15 38,13
Central Bohemia 36,46 36,45
South Bohemian 35,31 35,42
Pilsen 36,09 36,43
Karlovy Vary 35,58 35,6
Ústí 35,39 35,58
Liberecký 35,55 35,8
Královéhradecky 35,54 35,46
Pardubice 35,5 35,49
Highlands 36,36 36,38
South Moravian 36,55 36,6
Olomouc 36,38 36,37
Zlínský 35,43 35,55
Moravian-Silesian 35,82 35,89