CES technology trade show in Las Vegas is extremely fertile for car enthusiasts this year. Here, Volkswagen presents its brand new infotainment, Kia concepts of utility vehicles, and Honda presents a pair of bold electric visions labeled Honda 0 Series (because they are said to be starting from scratch), which foreshadow the future models of the automaker.

The first concept is called Saloon and invites you to a bold, futuristic design. At both ends of the body, we can find rectangular-shaped luminous elements, and the nose is also decorated with a simplified logo of the brand, which is to be reserved only for electric cars. At the back – following the example of some European brands – the traditional emblem is replaced by the word Honda.

Photo: Honda

If the production car is at least half as daring, we have a lot to look forward to!

The cabin focuses on minimalism, the display stretches across the entire dashboard, through which the vast majority of functions will probably be controlled. The sporty shell seats, which have built-in displays for the rear passengers in the armrests, are definitely worth mentioning. Naturally, sustainable materials of all kinds play a role.

Photo: Honda

Seats, steering wheel and displays. The interior is extremely minimalistic.

The second concept is the Space-Hub, which is actually a vision of a modern family minivan. It attracts above all a great view thanks to the large glass areas and also a spacious, variable cabin. Honda has not yet mentioned the serial production of this car, but it can be assumed that some design elements could be borrowed from the MPV Odyssey.

On the contrary, we will soon meet a series sedan derived from the Saloon concept on the road. Honda says it will offer the production car in the United States in two years, and later it should find its way to European customers as well.

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