You may know Pavel Greiner from the King driving school, because he is active on the networks, where he tries to spread awareness about road traffic rules, and we are also preparing articles for you together with him, where we analyze traffic situations, advantages and brands in detail.

So what does this independent expert think about the news valid from this year, how does he look at young beginners and what about stabbers? Some views may surprise you…

Pavel, what do you think about the new points system? Do you think this is a step in the right direction?

Yes. And maybe he could be even stricter on alcohol and drugs, and above all I would give the most points for sticking to the back of the car and forcing the right of way. Otherwise, yes, it’s a step in the right direction. We are starting to resemble the fines of Austria or Germany, where suddenly we all know how to follow the rules, as we are afraid of sanctions.

Photo: Lukáš Kukla

With the year 2024, the modified points system and the tariff of fines entered into force.

Do you consider any of the news for 2024 to be unfavorable?

To be honest, I don’t really agree with 17-year-old drivers. Not that they are bad people, but I think that 90% of parents (mentors) with a teenager in the car will last for a maximum of three months and then give up, because after a certain time the teenager will want to drive on their own and the father/mentor will stop and no one then he won’t ride with him.

Or, on the contrary, few parents always find time in today’s busy times. I also had this adolescent period when I got my driver’s license at 18 and my dad drove with me. And even though he gave me a lot of valuable advice, I needed to “wean” him after a month, because I already wanted to be independent, but he certainly meant well for me.

That driving from the age of 17 with a mentor – will it really reduce the accident rate as presented by, for example, the Association of Driving Schools?

I strongly disagree with this and will be pleasantly surprised if it happens. There is a lack of public education here, and mentoring will not save it. We have many amendments from 1 January 2024 and the public is completely unaware of them. We keep hearing about 17-year-olds behind the wheel. The fact that it works in other countries is that they do a better job of educating the general public there.

Photo: Association of driving schools

Management with a mentor from the age of 17 divided even the professional public.

And sometimes, unfortunately, a parent is an aggressive driver and may also lead their son in this way, or an older friend who likes to show off will be a mentor, and this is also not good. But I repeat, I look forward to any positive numbers.

Can you say what is the most difficult thing for young beginner drivers?

That’s probably impossible to say. I am always saddened by how many accidents are suddenly caused by young people who have just finished driving school. Most of the time, it’s an unreasonable speed. At the same time, we never taught them to drive fast and aggressively in driving school.

When people come to your driving school after scoring points, what do they have problems with?

They can no longer follow the rules properly. They simply drive like drivers who always break or exceed something, and then they have a big problem to pass the final exam, which must be perfect according to the traffic rules.

Would you be in favor of making skid school or another road safety course compulsory within the driving school?

Skid school isn’t the real deal, but it certainly helps. But how many times a year in our conditions do we have ice and snow and piles of water on the road? Rather, it must all focus on broad education, how to drive safely in classic traffic, take your time, follow the rules, etc. This is sorely lacking here. A traffic safety course could be just that.

Photo: Michal Sakař

On the contrary, we think that one lesson at the training ground will open the eyes of many young people. The question remains for how long…

Some say that a car is a weapon. Should driver’s licenses be linked to psychotests?

I totally agree with this. Yes, let’s implement it, please. After all, a person who knows that he behaves respectfully and is fine after this “psychosite” never has to worry that he won’t be able to get a driver’s license and drive. But that’s probably for a longer discussion.

Finally, to you personally, why are you so active on the networks and educate the public about news and traffic rules for free?

No one here in the Czech Republic does it across the board. I do not want to in any way touch on the Besipac workers at the regional levels, when the Vysočina Region, for example, has been doing its work at a professional level for many years, and also other regions, but the main management of BESIP has absolutely failed in this regard in my view.

I remember a long time ago the TV broadcasts “You don’t think – you pay”, and it was so well done by BESIP and it had a great influence on the general public, but in the last five to six years nobody has seen anything en masse and nobody even knows what is BESIP.

Photo: ČAP

BESIP, by extension ČAP and other institutions are running big campaigns – most recently 13 minutes from 2021, i.e. the Start Driving project, which also ran last year. The question remains: Is it enough?

Shear schools, where BESIP usually focuses its attention, will not solve much. We have many amendments here and the public does not know them. The Ministry of Transport had a press conference where they boasted how they would inform the public about the amendments, and nothing. So that’s why I do all this mainly for the public, free of charge, and I finance the filming, including the crew, only from the income of my driving school. I do not support anyone’s lobby and I am free in my decisions.

That was the view of an experienced Prague driving school instructor, who looks at some things a little differently and has his own arguments. While the majority of experts collectively agree on higher fines, psychotests and stricter penalties for serious offences, topics such as driving from the age of 17 or compulsory ski schools divide this group again. However, the news for 2024 is still fresh and only time will tell. So we’ll see.