The Fire Rescue Department of the capital city of Prague has added a new vehicle with the Tatra logo to its vehicle fleet. Specifically, it is a Force model with driven three axles, which is intended for the evacuation of people for whom folding side benches with a total capacity of 20 seats are prepared on the flatbed superstructure with a tarpaulin.

In addition, the vehicle can be used for the transport of bulk materials and for rescuing vehicles, especially during floods, as this Brodilka can wade to a depth of 1.5 meters (calm water). In addition, the Tatrovka is intended for deployment in chemical or radiation accidents and natural disasters.


The car has a Dhollandia hydraulic front at the rear.

The base of the special is the Tatra chassis version 7T5R31.414, the front is powered by an air-cooled Tatra engine with a power of 325 kW, which cooperates with an Allison manual gearbox. The car’s cabin is then three-seater, fully air-conditioned.

The company Kobit from Slatiňany took care of the delivery of firefighting equipment and stickers, the flatbed superstructure was made by Porgest, and the hydraulic lifting head is made by Dhollandia. The Tatry Serviscentrum Vysočina dealer then became the supplier of the whole.

Another Tatra is therefore serving in the service of firefighters. And despite the fact that it is a capital city, we know that modern technology is also heading to smaller towns. Consider, for example, Zliv in South Bohemia, where the nice new Terra recently arrived. So we wish the firefighters that the new technology will serve them for a long time and reliably!