The year went by, so they are also taking stock of the traffic police, where the workers there have put together data for the entire year 2023 so that the service can present its results to the public. And the data shows that our transport company was very active in 2023, which was reflected both in the amount collected from fines and, for example, in finding stolen vehicles or wanted persons.

Photo: Lukáš Kukla

The traffic police was very active in 2023, which was reflected in the results.

Namely, for the year 2023, the Czech traffic police dealt with 508,995 offences, i.e. 42,727 more than the year before. About a tenth of them ended up in administrative proceedings, however, the total sum for collected fines stopped at CZK 354,967,700, which is CZK 48,733,000 more than in 2022.

The most common offense was, of course, speeding, which the police dealt with in 168,158 cases, which is again an increase of 18,771 compared to the year before. Second place? Unexpectedly mobile. A total of 33,702 cases, an increase of 2,342 compared to 2022.

Photo: Jan Majurník

The most frequent offense was speeding, the second rank was occupied by a mobile phone.

The bronze position was occupied by incorrect driving in the traffic lanes (i.e. left-handers), which was dealt with in the number of 7,847 violations. Fourth place was taken by alcohol, in 7,474 cases, which means 456 more seized compared to the year before.

Less than four thousand offenses were committed by pedestrians, almost three thousand by cyclists and almost two thousand by motorcyclists. It is also interesting that criminal overtaking of trucks began to be punished more, when 764 cases were dealt with in administrative proceedings. This year, thanks to a change in the law, there will be far more of them.

The police were also successful in finding criminals, as they managed to catch 2,680 offenders, which means plus 57 against 2022. 49 more stolen cars were found than the year before, making a total of 208.

What about wanted persons? In the end, 306 people ended up in the successful search, i.e. 9 more than last year. The transport company also detained 2,277 people without a driver’s license, which is, of course, 55 people less than two years ago.

Photo: Lukáš Kukla

Even some of the wanted were found. And there weren’t a lot of them.

Men and women in uniform have also been active in road safety events, namely Start Driving (courses for 18-24 year olds), the infamous Speed ​​Marathon fundraising event (we remember April 21, 2023), Kolama dolj (bikers), Automatic – I wear a helmet ( cyclists).

Furthermore, law enforcement was involved in communication with scooter riders, seniors, preschool and school children, and students. There was also a campaign against drinking alcohol before driving, and the police also went to see accident sites or revise traffic signs.

Finally, we mention the CEPAN system for collecting outstanding fines, which in 2023 yielded CZK 3,356,000 for 1,103 forcibly paid arrears. Of these, only 84 stuntmen had their license plates withheld.

Photo: Jan Majurník

Thanks to the CEPAN system, the police collected over 3.3 million crowns in outstanding fines last year.

And what will happen this year? The priority of the transport service will be to measure the speed in marked and undercover cars and monitor whether the drivers are engaged in driving, specifically whether they are not talking on the phone with a mobile phone in their hand, are not dealing with activity such as SMS or social networks and are not taking pictures while driving.

However, visible surveillance will also be active, which will look after left-handers, truck scales and overtaking, which, as we mentioned above, is easier to catch from this year. We also know from interviews that there will be special events for overtaking trucks. As part of the projects, police officers will take part in events aimed at vulnerable road users, including children, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Transporters don’t have to be hockey players in order for us to say “Guys, thank you” for the past year. And we wish you all the best of luck and safe travels home!