Recently, car companies have been competing to see who will bring the most significant modern technology in new cars. Most of them are meant to make everyday life easier for drivers, but there will also be situations where they are absolutely useless to you, or even a nuisance in the worst case. For example, in winter, when drivers (as well as the achievements of modern technology) have to fight with snow and ice. So let’s start with the things that don’t make us happy on cold days.

LED lights without washers

Because diodes don’t “melt”, they are usually more prone to catching snow and the mess associated with it. A few years ago, this would not have been such a problem, as most cars (at least in the higher classes) had headlight washers. But this equipment element is slowly starting to disappear from the front, and you have no way to clean the lights while driving. All that remains is to stop and perform the operation manually. But when you drive a long distance and have to stop every ten kilometers, it’s pretty infuriating!

Photo: Lukáš Kukla, Garáž.cz

Headlight washers are far from standard today.

Recessed handles

A modern trend that makes sense in itself. Recessed door handles can function like classic door handles, but from an aesthetic point of view, the side of the car is smoother and, above all, the aerodynamic resistance is slightly reduced (especially in electric cars, every tenth plays an important role). But such handles are even more prone to freezing than standard ones, especially those that are supposed to slide out after unlocking the car. They can be damaged more easily.

Photo: Lukáš Kukla, Garáž.cz

Recessed cranks smooth the sides of the car, but can cause complications in winter.

Exposed trunk opening button

The button located on the trunk lid is usually hidden in the strip above the license plate. However, some manufacturers leave it exposed, which is more practical (you don’t have to fumble around blindly), but it also gets dirty more easily. And when you add snow and mud, dirty hands are in the world. Sure, more equipped cars have an electric trunk that can be opened with a key (or kicked under the bumper), but sometimes it’s most efficient to enter the trunk of the old man. Then it is ideal to put on winter gloves.

Photo: Lukáš Kukla, Garáž.cz

For example, the electric Renault Mégane (under the model designation), but also the luxurious Porsche Taycan, has a bare button for opening the trunk.

Electric opening of the charging lid

It looks great for effect when the charging connector appears to you after pressing a button and electrically opening its lid. However, we find it much easier to use a classic squeeze (as with a traditional fuel tank), which will be slightly less prone to freezing than electric assistance. Fortunately, manufacturers are already thinking about this and are equipping the area with the connector with heating to prevent complete inaccessibility of recharging.

Photo: Lukáš Kukla

You press the button and the charging connector is revealed with an electric opening. How effective! But there is a risk of trouble in severe frosts.

Digital mirrors

Another modern technology that mainly reduces aerodynamic resistance, but also increases the attractiveness of the car for technological toys. Classic mirrors are replaced by cameras, which are followed in the cabin by displays projecting the image from the outside. The main advantage is said to be the display of a wider angle and therefore safer monitoring of traffic. However, we have not yet sat in a car where digital mirrors work better than the good old classics. In addition, outdoor cameras are more prone to snow, get clogged more easily, and a safe view is a challenge.

Photo: Lukáš Kukla, Garáž.cz

Cameras instead of rearview mirrors? Fortunately, the vast majority of cars that offer them always give the customer a choice.

Dirty sensors = malfunctioning assistants

Actually, it is a free continuation of the previous point. Dirty sensors and radars prevent the safety assistants from working properly. Fortunately, the on-board computer informs you of their removal from service, but it is still a good idea to clean the car regularly. Parking sensors won’t work with dirty sensors, but neither will adaptive cruise control.

Photo: Garáž.cz

Even in this way, a car can end up on the highway during heavy snowfall. However, even a significantly smaller snow load is enough for the assistants to fail.

However, we also found a few modern automotive gadgets that deserve praise. Here are!

Remote control

More and more cars have the ability to control them remotely. American cars have a button for remote start directly on the key, in Europe it is becoming more standard to operate via a mobile application. This is especially useful for electrified cars (electric cars and plug-in hybrids), which use the energy in the traction battery for remote heating (and ventilation in the summer) of the cabin. So there is no need to let the car “cow” before leaving, you can activate it in the morning with a few clicks from the comfort of your home, and a few minutes later you are sitting in a comfortably warm cabin.

Photo: Mercedes

The heating of the interior, but also the state of charge/tank or the date of the next service inspection. The possibilities of mobile applications of individual brands are constantly expanding.

Battery preheat

A function that will be appreciated by owners of electric cars, it enables recharging with high performance. In winter, the battery reaches far below the optimal temperature, so it can easily happen that a car with, for example, 150kW charging, only charges a fifth on such a powerful stand… However, more and more cars allow preheating of the battery, which you start manually with a button in the infotainment or by setting the fast charger as the destination of the built-in navigation. The battery will start to heat up, and after connecting it to the stand, you will already be “pouring” full power into the car.

Photo: Škoda Auto

Preheating the battery will greatly speed up the charging of the electric car. In the Škoda Enyaq with the latest software, you start it with a button in the multimedia.

Quality winter tires

You’re right, this isn’t exactly “technology”, but winter tires deserve their place here. Every year, we are surprised by how the quality of footwear moves. You can slide to your car in winter boots without getting injured, but your car will drive off on smooth asphalt with high-quality winter slippers. It is certainly a good idea not to skimp on winter tires, watch their pattern, but also their age.

Foto: Shutterstock/ LeManna

Do you regularly check the condition and age of your winter tires? This has a fundamental effect on their proper functioning.


Are we kidding? That you have hundreds of thousands of kilometers on your account since the days of the old Škoda cars and these assistants are rather funny to you? Sure, experienced drivers can be rather annoyed by the ABS and stabilization system, but even drivers with less experience still get into cars, and on the contrary, they can save their ass in a crisis situation. This mainly applies to ESP, ABS probably doesn’t bother even the masters of the steering wheel.

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

The first tests of the ABS system on Mercedes cars clearly show how important a helper it can be.

These are ten things that are negatively (and on the contrary positively) related to the winter operation of a car. Feel free to let us know in the discussion below if you consider modern modern technology as a plus, or if you are an old school driver who does not need anything like that at all.

What about you and modern technology in cars?

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Some will help, others are useless.

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