Red Bull and Adrian Newey have wanted their own supersport for ten years. Now their wish will come true.

It is quite common for a super sports car manufacturer to enter the world of Formula 1, but for a racing team to start building a production car on the other hand, it is rare. Most of the time, the brand has its hands full with single-seaters, but the situation is different for Red Bull Racing.

The idea to build a sports car using knowledge from Formula 1, which would not be bound by strict rules, arose as early as 2014. But instead, the activities focused on cooperation with Aston Martin within the framework of the Valkyrie project. It is now on its way to customers.

The black bullet from Pikes Peak is created in 12 pieces for customers.  The Radford Type 62-2 has 710 horsepower!

This freed up the space for the Red Bull supersport that technical director Adrian Newey is so keen on. The British engineer has 10 Constructors’ Cup titles under his belt with three different teams and Red Bull was virtually unbeatable last season. Another member of the team is the development division Red Bull Advanced Technologies, which has been operating for eight years and will ensure the implementation of the project.

The planned supersport carries the designation RB17, which has remained free from the complex covid period full of changes. The single-seater for 2022 received the straight number RB18 and the car for the 2023 season RB19. The construction of the supersport is based on the knowledge gathered during the development of the Aston Martin Valkyrie and Formula 1, but aerodynamic solutions will be used here that are not allowed by the regulations.

Red Bull Racing mechanics completed the pit stop in record time completely after dark.  New tires were also shown

It will be a closed coupe with a mild-hybrid fork eight cylinder with a total output of 1250 horsepower. Electrification will play an additional role, but it will still strengthen the car by 150 horsepower. The engine according to its own specification, along with the gearbox and glasses, will be supplied by external suppliers, the rest will be produced by Red Bull itself.

Production is planned for 15 units per year, with the run set at 50 examples, and yes, most of them are sold. The finished supersport will premiere this year, and the cars will be available to owners in 2025. The RB17 is an uncompromising racing machine, but Red Bull can also adapt it to ordinary roads if desired. The basic price is estimated at 143 million CZK.