At CES, the Korean company demonstrated a device called Moss Airwhich, as the name suggests, uses real moss to clean the air. The device is also equipped with a humidification function that can humidify the surrounding air or the plants inside.

According to the startup Mosslab, which is behind this device, moss not only converts carbon dioxide back into oxygenbut also effectively removes fine dust from the air. In addition, the device can break down harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC) to sugars. However, the bacteria in the moss are actually responsible for this process.

Moss Air consists of a space with LED lighting under a removable transparent cover that allows easy installation or replacement of the moss panel. In the upper part, you can use the included magnetic ball to block the exhaust hole and thus switch the terrarium mode, if you need to humidify the surroundings, simply move the ball.

With a battery capacity of 1,600 mAh, Moss Air can work on a single charge andapproximately eight hours or until it runs out of water in the 400ml tank. Of course, the device can also be used connected to the network (via USB-C).

The Moss Air will be available on Amazon until the end of January 2024, costing $99.