But the chances of that happening are minimal. The stylish cabrio doesn’t really fit into the brand’s current strategy or its plans for the near future. It belongs more to electric crossovers and SUVs.

However, this does not mean that we have to stop dreaming about a modern successor to the original Felicia, produced between 1959 and 1964 (its predecessor was the Škoda 450 from 1957 to 1959). On the contrary, imagining a car that has little hope of existence, but at the same time follows such a great legend, is quite interesting in our opinion.

Dan approached the “task” in his own way. In addition to the Felicia, he was also inspired by the sporty Škoda 1100 OHC, which comes from the same period as the aforementioned Felicia and also looks very elegant.

The result is a concept that you can view in the gallery. Dan created it in two versions – one is more traditional, the other, nicknamed GT, is even more modern and daring.

A vision of the modern Skoda Felicia.Video: Daniel Novák

“For the GT variant, I would like to highlight the center line, starting at the front fascia. It is inspired by the hints on the hood of the original and tries to highlight the middle part and the cabin of the car. To make the car look current, I tried to include elements of the contemporary design language of the Mladá Boleslav car company Modern Solid – for example, on the doors and the side line,” says the young designer.

“I detached the headlights from the original and designed them as my heart suggested. I designed the interior a bit futuristic, again with reference to modern and upcoming Škoda cars. And I must mention the rear seats, inspired by a comfortable sofa,” adds Daniel Novák.

In the case of the study, which is closer in design to the original Felicia, the main role is played by round headlights and chrome elements. “I wanted to capture the original feel of the convertible and create a pleasant, soft and fresh look. The front mask therefore has a classic shape and chrome elements. A large soft surface develops above it, which passes into the hood. On this one, the main element is the central line continuing to the rear parts. It’s encrusted with crystals,” Dan describes.

Dan also highlights the LED strips in the front corners of the bodywork. “It functions as a cornering cue, but at the same time it is a design element to highlight the iconic Felicia line. At the rear, I think there are again prominent headlights and, of course, the already mentioned middle line,” concludes the young designer.

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