And that’s not all, the voice assistant will tell you important information and can even praise you for a fast lap on the circuit.

The system is called Telemetry X, and while Lamborghini is calling it a “concept” at the CES electronics show in Las Vegas, the technology used is common and available—it just had to be connected and programmed as a functional unit.

One of the elements is Remote Garage, which represents remote access to information from the car through a 5G connection. Data, including video, are displayed in the web application anywhere in the world, for example, if you are driving at the Nürburgring, your coach can advise you from Hong Kong, for example.

Lamborghini tests active deflections and toe-in of the wheels.  It will help on the circuit and in normal traffic

Another function is the monitoring of biometric data through the smart watch – heart rate, breathing, oxygen saturation or body temperature will tell you how much you are under stress while driving and perhaps which sections are the biggest problem for you.

The last element is the digital voice assistant, which, thanks to data from the car’s telemetry, can also advise the driver while driving. It can tell you about the ideal track, braking points, tell you the temperature of the brakes or report how much and where you have improved.


Ferruccio Lamborghini founded the sports car company in 1963 as a competitor to brands such as Ferrari.

After declaring bankruptcy and changing ownership, Lamborghini was taken over by Chrysler in 1987. It has been owned by Audi (Volkswagen Group) since 1998.

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