Headset pre-orders Vision Prowhich start on January 19, those interested will have to scan your face with your iPhone or iPad using Face ID. Apple has now informed about this move. A facial scan is required to get the headset to applicants exactly fell. Deliveries will begin after the February 2 launch. US customers will be able to purchase the headset on apple.com, the Apple Store app, and Apple Store retail stores.

Apple said it would require buyers to scan their faces the latest version of the Apple Store app. Additionally, there will be an option to add to the headset for users who wear glasses lenses, which will replace the glasses. Apple says that in order to receive the premium lenses provided by its partner Zeiss, shoppers will need to share an updated official proof of prescription when pre-ordering the headset.

First announced at WWDC 2023, the Vision Pro will provide more than just a VR screen and speaker system for watching movies and playing games, it will eventually act as a tool that will connect friends in Horizon Worlds.

The ability to freely move around the virtual world with the integrated game program produced by Meta will push the boundaries of what modern social networks and online games represent. Vision Pro will also create wide options for developerswho will be able to create interesting applications.

Source: engadget.com