Think it’s a normal Aston Vanquish? Look closely and look for the differences, as this is a rare concept.

At the end of the 1990s, the British carmaker needed a boost – its DB7 model was getting old, the production of a version powered by a 3.2-liter inline-six cylinder with a rather paltry 250 kW output was catching up, while the competition offered larger displacements and power. At the Detroit Auto Show in 1998, Aston therefore unveiled a new concept that foreshadowed its “supercar of the future,” as the press release at the time put it.

“Although we have no plans to produce this technologically advanced Grand Tourer, it has been designed and planned to be individually built using the traditional skills and craftsmanship for which Aston Martin is world-renowned.” Bob Dover, chairman and CEO of Aston Martin, said at the time. “We are confident that Project Vantage reflects all the essential elements of power, performance and driver involvement in a way that is true to the traditions of the Aston Martin brand,” he added.

It was called British Beef.  Recall the Aston Martin Virage in factory tuning, which attacked with unprecedented force

We already know how it turned out with this lack of production planning – at the Geneva Motor Show in 2001, the serial version of the V12 Vanquish model was presented, which joined the DB7 with a twelve-cylinder engine introduced two years earlier – it very quickly pushed the six-cylinder out of production.

The Vanquish brought good sales to Aston Martin, among other things thanks to its exposure in the Bond film Die Don’t Die. It was also highly praised by the press of the time, with Car & Driver magazine describing it as “a serious alternative to top Ferraris,” and Road & Track calling it “the ultimate Grand Tourer.” It ended in 2007 and was incidentally the last Aston to be built at the old Newport Pagnell factory .

Aston Martin V8 Vantage V550 celebrates 30 years.  The super strong version has matured into a prized classic

The concept was gradually forgotten, and eventually it ended up being disassembled due to the evaluation of serial production possibilities. The car company sold it in 2016, but the year before last it was comprehensively renovated to its full beauty. Compared to the production Vanquish, it has several interesting differences, although in basic features and various details it is damn close to the production version.

Probably the most striking change are the rear lights with transparent covers, which suit the car very well. On the contrary, the exhausts in the rear diffuser are somewhat drowned out, the Vanquish has them more prominently. At the front, you can notice smaller fog lights and also headlights covered with a black line. The engine has a six-liter, which is a hair larger than the V12 with a volume of 5.9 liters from the Vanquish. Project Vantage is for sale through the Classicmobilia platform.