Ferraris are always expensive. The beauty, the performance, the history… it’s simply no wonder. But even among them there are truly exceptional cars. Perhaps because very few were produced. Or maybe she had a famous owner. Or even won a race. One of them is this piece!

The racing special 250 Testa Rossa (or just 250 TR) was born in 1957 in response to a change in the rules for touring cars. This red beauty was powered by Maestro Colombo’s 3-litre V12 (with 300bhp it produced 100bhp – in 1957!) and only 33 were built until 1961. And of those, only 19 had floating front fenders designed by the famous Scaglietti.

The Testa Rossa became an instant racing star, giving the Scuderia four touring car championships and four wins at Le Mans, another at the Mille Miglia (If you’ve seen the movie Ferrari in the cinema, you’ll recognize this car, and if you haven’t, quickly catch up.), Targa Florio or at Sebring.

This particular piece from 1958, chassis number 0738TR, claimed four victories out of the twenty period races (on the South American continent) in which it was entered. It was fully restored at Ferrari Classiche in 2013 and is one of the few 250 TRs with matching engine and transmission numbers (earning it an entry in the Red Book).

All this makes it a very hot commodity that will attract the attention of collectors from all over the world. Testa Rossys change hands very rarely – in 2009, one was sold for some 9 million euros, and now this specimen, which could bring the previous owner 35 million euros. This places it not only at the top of the most expensive Ferraris sold at auction (the record is held by the iconic 250 GTO, which was auctioned for 52 million euros), but also among the most expensive cars of all time.