Like the Range Rover, the Lexus GX550 isn’t likely to be hauled off-road by owners, but it’s good to know you can. If you want to use his skills to the fullest, there is a way to the expedition version.

For luxury SUVs, automakers tend to emphasize opulent equipment and refined materials, as these are probably the biggest draws for clients. It is not customary for such cars to be made into expedition or racing specials, but this is the way Lexus highlights the off-road skills of the expected GX model.

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Independent tuner Japan Offroad Service, which participated in last year’s Baja 1000 with a modified Lexus LX 600, was involved in the project. It has been engaged in off-road conversions and parts development since 1985, so it knows exactly how to design such a car.

It was not for nothing that he chose the Lexus GX 550 in Overtrail equipment, which, with the Overtrail+ variant, is a novelty aimed specifically at games in the wilderness. It uses a specific adaptive chassis, reinforced suspension pins, 18-inch wheels with 33-inch tires and a rear differential lock to fight with nature. From the electronic assistants, we have a system of driving modes with a mode for slow crossings and a surround camera system.

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He completed the exterior of the modifier with black front bumper protection, wide fender edges, door sills and a skid plate on the chassis. Expedition equipment can be placed on the roof rack in addition to the suitcase. He replaced the original tires with a universal set of Toyo Open Country 275/70 R18 and put them on Tribe Cross alloy wheels. Finally, he emphasized the massive stance by raising the chassis with a kit from Battlez complete with Harmofleq shock absorbers.