They obviously weren’t paying attention at Mazda. While all other automakers are downsizing engines due to emissions, or outright ending their development in favor of electromobility, Mazda has decided to treat its brand new flagship to a proper and completely new engine to help it open the door to the premium world.

That’s why the CX-60 SUV, after the previously mentioned plug-in hybrid drive, also received the long-promised 3.3-liter six-cylinder turbodiesel, which the automaker offers in two power variants: a weaker one with an output of 200 hp and 450 Nm (and only in combination with rear-wheel drive wheels) and a more powerful one producing 254 hp and 550 Nm (on the contrary, only with four-wheel drive), while the price difference between them is 93 thousand crowns.

Photo: Lukáš Kukla, Garáž.cz

Mazda’s six-cylinder in-line engine is available in two power variants differing in axle drive.

It’s entirely up to you if you can get by with the weaker rear-wheel drive version, or save up and treat yourself to the more powerful four-wheel drive. We can only confirm that this engine is a strong character – it offers a lot of pull in a wide range of revolutions, so you can sail with it calmly and briskly, it is also perfectly matched with an eight-speed, smoothly shifting automatic (it is not a classic converter gearbox, but o electronically controlled multi-plate clutches, the shifting of which is smoothed by a mild-hybrid unit) and you will be rewarded for sensitive handling with an excellent consumption of plus or minus six liters in combined operation (highway and city to seven, but the county can also do five).

Photo: Lukáš Kukla, Garáž.cz

The CX-60 is definitely the sexiest Mazda on offer. Unfortunately, she is not the best.

But we don’t just have good news for you, there’s some bad news as well. Inline six-cylinders are usually a perfect example of good manners, they rev smoothly and are exceptionally refined… but this one is not. It feels a little rough and is quite noisy, almost making you stop and count the cylinders if you happen to have two missing under the hood. Also, the automatic can get confused and jerk in some situations (for example, when you slow down and suddenly need to add speed).

And unfortunately it doesn’t end there, because the chassis is quite sloppy for a luxuriously conceived model of the brand, while it does not bring any sportiness in return, the CX-60 is not very agile in corners and constantly forces you to work with your own inertia (masses of the car and the drive). The steering, which had a tendency to stiffen around the center position, didn’t help matters either – but this is a problem with all CX-60s and will be resolved by a recall in the foreseeable future.

However, you will have to put up with the other pains, which will be difficult for a flagship with a price of around 1.5 million. Especially for such a beautifully designed car with a sophisticated interior and smart practicality, such lack of comfort hurts all the more. In addition, we can’t even recommend an escape option in the form of a plug-in hybrid, because it suffers from very similar problems. It seems that Mazda has not completed the development of its flagship model with completely new power units. Which is unfortunate, because there are a number of more toned models on the market to choose from…

Mazda currently offers the CX-60 with promotional discounts of 20,000 for the diesel, and even 50,000 for the PHEV. The basic CX-60 with the D200 diesel costs 1,237,590, the PHEV can be purchased for 1,293,090 CZK, and the more powerful D254 diesel starts at 1,370,990 CZK (it is only available in higher equipment).

Motor in-line six-cylinder, placed in front along, turbodiesel
Displacement volume 3,283 cm3
Performance 187 kW (254 hp) at 3,750 rpm
Torque 500 Nm at 1,500-2,400 rpm.
Transmission automatic, 8 degrees
Tree all four wheels
Standby weight 1 930 kg
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 7,4 s
Maximal speed 219 km/h
Consumption (combination) 5.3 l/100 km
Fuel tank volume 58 l
Wheels and tires 235/50 R20
Dimensions (length/width/height) 4 745/1 890/1 680 mm
Wheelbase 2 870 mm
Volume of the luggage compartment 570 l