Have you ever wondered how many vehicles (cars, motorbikes, trucks, trailers, etc.) are sent to the scrap yard (i.e. ecologically disposed of), how many are decommissioned and how many are exported? The Ministry of Transport has provided us with interesting figures that will tell us which brands people got rid of the most in 2023 in all three cases mentioned.

Disappearance of a road vehicle

A vehicle is destroyed if its owner no longer wants to operate it and hands it over to the operator of a car scrap collection facility, or if the vehicle has been destroyed (dismantling is not considered destruction). This is, in the vernacular, taking the vehicle to the wrecker.

Attention, the owner must apply for the registration of the demise of the vehicle no later than 10 days after handing it over to the operator of the equipment for collecting car wrecks or from the destruction of the vehicle. Also, a warning, a lapsed vehicle cannot be re-registered.

Factory brand Defunct vehicles
Skoda car 818
Volkswagen 395
Ford 321
Renault 262
Peugeot 226
Opel 157
Citroën 137
Fiat 119
BMW 115
not classified 104
Seat 79
Audi 77
Mercedes-Benz 71
Hyundai 47
Mazda 40
Irisbus 37
Come on 34
Volvo 30
Honda 26
Toyota 25

Most people got rid of Škoda cars, but they are the ones that drive the most in our country. The second place was occupied by Volkswagen and the third by Ford, which in turn more or less corresponds to the number of cars in operation in our country. Interesting things can be found under the first twenty, where there are 10 Tatra cars that were scrapped. Furthermore, 7 Chryslers, 4 Rovers, 5 Saabs, 1 Jeep, 1 Lexus fell, and we dealt a crushing blow to the Chinese car industry by scrapping one piece of the Qingqi motorcycle.

Decommissioning of a road vehicle

This is a situation where the owner of the road vehicle does not want to use it in traffic on roads, or a new insurance contract on vehicle liability insurance concerning the same road vehicle has not been concluded within 14 days from the expiry of the vehicle liability insurance. The vehicle is also taken out of service if it has been stolen.

Factory brand Discarded vehicles
Skoda car 13 249
not classified 6 991
Volkswagen 6 980
Ford 4 709
Mercedes-Benz 4 029
Renault 3 643
Peugeot 3 339
BMW 3 303
Fiat 2 355
Citroën 2 281
Opel 2 100
Audi 1 986
Honda 1 695
Iveco 1 664
MAN 1 651
DAF 1 448
Volvo 1 424
Suzuki 1 333
Tatra 1 128
Yamaha 984

If we take the first three bars, then it is Škoda, a bunch of unclassified vehicles, Volkswagen, and thus the fourth Ford. Of interest, under the top twenty we can find, for example, 27 scrapped Wartburgs, 34 Caterpillars, 35 Babetts, 64 Knaus caravans or perhaps 86 trailers of our own production.

Road vehicle export

As a rule, it is about the sale of a vehicle abroad, either new, used, or even a wreck. When exported, the car receives an export mark valid throughout the EU for up to 3 months, which can be insured. Thanks to this, the buyer in question can take the car away from the Czech Republic in a nice way. So which car brands were exported the most?

Factory brand Exported vehicles
Skoda car 13 108
Volkswagen 7 182
Mercedes-Benz 5 096
not classified 3 752
Ford 3 643
Renault 3 261
Hyundai 2 807
Come on 2 443
BMW 2 409
Peugeot 2 390
Toyora 2 273
Seat 2 017
Volvo 1 930
Audi 1 854
Dacia 1 588
Opel 1 509
MAN 1 482
Iveco 1 353
DAF 1 308
Citroën 1 010

Škoda takes first place, Volkswagen takes second place and Mercedes-Benz takes third place. Also interesting are the exports of Schmitz Cargobull (640) or Schwarzmüller (465) trailers, as well as exports of 280 Zetors, 125 JCBs, 112 Dodges, 98 Tatras, 90 New Holland agricultural vehicles, 27 Avia vehicles, 15 Pragoveks, 5 CZs and 3 Trabants.

So the winner is Škodovka, but they are driven the most, so it is logical that most of them will be scrapped, broken, and thus exported abroad. So there are no big surprises, as the leading positions are more or less the same, so interesting things must be looked for, for example, in direct competing brands, where you can see that more Mercedes are phased out/exported than Bavarians, Peugeots than Citroëns and perhaps more Hyundais than ki.