Already in the fall of last year, Citroën began to dig through its offer to make it clearer and more understandable for the end customer. Each model thus has a choice of three equipment levels (You, Plus, Max) and a maximum of five extra packages. This will not only help with shorter delivery times, but obviously also with more sympathetic prices.

The French automaker is discounting most of its popular models across the board. To the traditional purchase bonus for an old car (20 to 30 thousand crowns), it now adds a permanent price reduction, which can be further reduced by branded financing.

What does this mean in practice? For example, the Citroën C3 city car starts at CZK 319,900 today. Those who need a slightly larger car can go for the C3 Aircross crossover with an entry price of CZK 454,900. This model has been discounted by up to 120,000 CZK (depending on the version) and you can buy it with a petrol or diesel engine.

Photo: Citroën

The new generation of Citroën C3 is significantly different in design.

However, the promotions also apply to other models – you can buy a Citroën C4 from 429,900 CZK, the more adventurous C4 X is basically 20,000 crowns more expensive. The C5 Aicross SUV has dropped in price by a significant 90,000 CZK, so you can buy it today from 565,000 CZK. All of its engines, i.e. petrol, diesel and the 225-horsepower plug-in plug-in hybrid, have undergone a price reduction.

An imaginary ace up its sleeve is a discount on the Berlingo, beloved in the Czech Republic. Some time ago, thanks to a clever trick, combustion engines returned to the offer and now it is offered with a dramatic discount of 80 to 100 thousand crowns! If you take advantage of the available benefits, you can reduce the purchase price to a great 450,000 CZK. Let’s just remind you that in addition to the electric version, the popular MPV is still offered with a 1200 petrol engine, but mainly with a 1.5 liter diesel.

Photo: Citroën

It has discounted everything from the small C3 to the C5 Aircross SUV.

All Citroën passenger cars today offer a five-year factory warranty, which can be extended up to 8 years or 200,000 km for an additional fee. “Now it is important to provide our customers with stability and security. That’s why we decided to permanently reduce the prices of our cars to make our cars even more affordable,” said František Neuman, Citroën’s import director in the Czech Republic. And indeed, thanks to discounts, today it is among the cheapest in its class.