Ondřej Klymčiw’s Škoda 130 LR is driving this year’s Dakar for the last time, but this time for a good cause, which is probably the best motivator for great results. Thanks to a mistake by the favored Spaniards in the eighth stage, Klymčiw and his co-pilot Brož took the ongoing OVERALL LEAD in the Dakar Classic category.

According to the words of Klymchiw, with whom we are in contact, he and his partner and mechanic got along well, and their car is more or less reliably pedaling during the race. Even though his hood flew off at the start and during the sixth stage the engine consumed about 15 liters of oil in 200 sharp kilometers. But what, the car is simply a waste.

We would like to remind you that Klymčiw collects funds for the Paraple Center, while each stage has its own sponsor, who sends an appropriate amount of money to the charity’s account based on the kilometers traveled or other parameters. There is currently almost 400,000 CZK in the account, and you can also contribute to a good cause, namely HERE. The goal is a million crowns, but it is still quite far away.

In any case, we keep our fingers crossed for Ondra, after all, he is a Czech pioneer in the Classic series, who brought not only a Škoda car to the Dakar, but also other great Czech crews. Ondro, thanks and keep it up!