In the automotive industry, it happens from time to time that a certain company starts producing certain products, but then perhaps completely changes direction, but the original name remains. Or, on the contrary, the abbreviated name of the company perfectly matches what the given company does.

In the following quiz, you will be asked to guess the names of well-known companies that operate in the automotive industry. Can you guess all the names and decipher the abbreviations of Czech and foreign companies? Let’s go.

1. What does the three-letter abbreviation BMW actually mean?

Photo: Jiří Cermák

2. You can buy, for example, shock absorbers or brakes under the FEBI brand, but what does that name mean?

Photo: FEBI

3. So RECARO stands for?

Photo: Martin Tolar

4. Today, the ZF company deals with gearboxes, but you will surely know what those letters originally stood for.

Photo: Jiří Cermák

5. Skoda was once called AZNP. What did the abbreviation mean?

Photo: Škoda Auto

6. Lots of cars have Bosch parts, but can you remember the full name of the parent company?


7. Does the name BYD of this Chinese car brand have any wider meaning?

Photo: WORLD

8. Can you root and translate the name volks-wagen?

Photo: Lukáš Kukla, Garáž.cz

9. You certainly know the Czech company involved in the production of armored vehicles, but what does the name SVOS mean?

Photo: Audi

10. What is the full name of the Ford car company? Let’s use the abbreviation FMC.

Photo: Jiří Cermák

So, have you checked all the answers? If so, evaluate the test.

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