Google has finally added Waze to the app Bluetooth beacon supportallowing users to use navigation even in tunnels or other places where there is no GPS signal. The feature is already live in Google Maps for Android, but is still missing from the iOS version.

Bluetooth beacons are designed to provide navigation and traffic information underground where the GPS signal cannot reach. They are also known as Waze Beacons and according to Google, it’s battery-powered hardware with a low-power microcontroller that sends a unidirectional signal to the user’s phone or tablet without capturing any data from the user. They are installed in the underground of a number of cities, for example in New York, Paris, Sydney, Rio and others. Waze first launched this feature in 2016.

However, the feature is not enabled by default. It can be turned on in the Maps app by going to Settings > Navigation Settings and then selecting Driving Options at the bottom of the list. Here you will find Bluetooth beacons that you can turn on.

The feature first started rolling out to some beta users in October 2023. It should significantly facilitate navigation, especially in complex tunnels with multiple lanes and exits. It’s the latest in a series of new features that include EV charging information, artificial intelligence features and more.