The craze for SUVs and crossovers is slowly pushing sedans out of the European market. Elsewhere they are still thriving and have a promising future ahead of them.

At the end of last year, Volkswagen gave us a new generation Passat, which continues only as a station wagon called Variant. We may have already forgotten about the sedan, and the question is whether anyone misses it at all, when it stopped being produced at the end of January 2022. In America, at least it got a final edition full of interesting details. Due to the mania for crossovers and SUVs, there is not much room for sedans in the US and Europe anymore. In the case of VW, the transition to electromobility also intensified the trend.

This could have been the successor to the luxury Volkswagen Phaeton!  He would compete with the best, but he was buried by electric cars

In China, they will tolerate sedans. So much so that they still sell the Phideon there, the spiritual successor of the Phaeton, and the classic Passat will also live on here under the name Magotan. This has been known here since 2007, when the car was based on the European Passat. As part of the joint production plants, the “North American” was also supplied to the market from 2011, which kept its traditional name. Now Volkswagen will use the new Passat generation here as well, taking notes from the Škoda Superb.

This affinity is evident in the shape of the flowing rear, but with the lights it goes back to the design of the new Passat. The front parts, on the other hand, are completely different. The Magotan has more sharply cut headlights with a trim strip at the bottom. The European model has round lamps with a molding above them. The bumper is completely different.

The new Volkswagen Passat B9 has Czech prices.  It stands the same as its neighbors, it still lacks a few engines

Since China does not care about emissions, according to information provided to the local ministry, the Magotan will be supplied with a 162 kW two-liter petrol engine. A more or less electrified version is not considered. We will find out more information next year, when it is also planned to enter the market.