An interesting tool for finding winding roads uses the statistics of the length of turns. Can you find your favorite district there?

The map is called Curvature, and it uses open source data from the OpenStreetMap project, which is the equivalent of Wikipedia, only with maps to which volunteers add important data. It was created by biker and software developer Adam Franco, who, in his own words, is always looking for fun roads to ride. Curvature evaluates individual roads according to the length of curves along their entire route in meters, and from this ratio calculates an index that indicates how much fun can be experienced in a particular district.

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If the index is below 300, these are mostly straight sections, the fun starts above the value of 3000 and the best rides promise roads with an index of over 10,000. In the map, the different routes are distinguished by color – from yellow with a moderate number of turns to purple, i.e. very winding. The thickness of the route in the map then shows whether the road is marked as asphalt or not.

We deliberately took a look at some of our favorite roads and it seems that the Curvature information mostly fits – for example, at the Hostýnské vrchy between Bystříčí pod Hostýn, Fryšták and Hošťálková. The section Hutilsko-Solanec to Velké Karlovice lights up in the same purple color on the map. Road 116 between Mníšek pod Brdy and Řevnice as well.

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However, only the number and length of turns do not make a good road for quality riding. The map does not take into account, for example, the width of the road, the view of bends or the quality of the surface. Likewise, it will not tell you, for example, that you should be careful in the well-known section Mělník – Dubá with a car, because this route belongs to motorcyclists and there have already been a number of serious accidents here in the past. However, Curvature is a really interesting tool for those who like to ride sensibly around corners.