This film was supposed to be a reward for the million crowns collected for the Paraple Center (the fundraiser is still running! You can donate HERE) as part of the Škoda 130 LR’s last Dakar journey, but the sequence of events in the final stages of the 2024 year decided otherwise. As a thank you to all supporters, Ondra has therefore decided to declassify the film now, so you have a unique opportunity to watch it here at Garage.

Film KLYMCIW – Dakar changed me is a very open biographical documentary full of emotions, which shows the personal and racing sides of Ondřej Klymčiw. You will find out why he went to the Dakar, how he started racing on a motorcycle and what was his motivation.

Photo: Ondřej Klymčiw

At the Dakar, Klymchiw almost died, but came back even stronger.

The film will also present Klymchiv’s downfalls in life, literally. The first in 2016, when he damaged his pelvis, and the second in 2018, when he died young and ended up with crushed vertebrae. You will also see the statements of doctors and parents, but you will also get to know the competitor’s inner feelings or learn why he celebrated his birthday on January 8th, even though he was born on February 16th.

After a two-year hiatus, Klymčiw decided to return to the Dakar with a Škoda 130 LR. This part of the film will reveal behind the scenes and information that only a few people knew until now. Or it will show how much power a promise has.

If you are a romantic, you will definitely be delighted by the wonderful footage from the Saudi desert, where an almost serial, later professionally modified Czech Škoda car drives through. You won’t miss footage from the workshops revealing the demanding work of the mechanics at the Dakar, or you’ll learn why and how the second version of the Dakar damage was built.

The film KLYMCIW – Dakar changed me is 56 minutes long, but you will certainly not be bored. Due to its openness and honesty, the film will show you Dakar from a slightly different angle than you know it. In short, you will know the truth and hear the opinions of such matadors as Jiří Moskal. So grab some popcorn and enjoy watching!