Little Jackie didn’t do well at school because he had dyslexia, all the more eager to succeed in car racing. He fared much better on the track, quickly earning the apt nickname “The Flying Scotsman” because… er, he was born in Scotland and flew around the track with the wind for a race – as evidenced by his three championships (1969, 1971 and 1973 ).

In the top racing league, behind the wheel of a BRM single-seater, he took third place overall in his first season in 1965, he also did well with Matra (with whom he won his first title), but his period of greatest glory came with Tyrell, with whom he won two more titles before decided in 1973 of his own free will to hang his racing helmet on a nail.

At the same time, he was racing in the days when sex was safe and racing was dangerous, so he lost a number of close friends during his racing career, and he himself had a nasty crash in the very second season. After that, he advocated even more for safety during races – he forced the organizers to improve barriers around the track and medical equipment and convinced other pilots about the benefits of integral helmets.

Yet his career was brought to a premature end by a tragic accident—though not his. Instead of the round 100 grand prizes, he ended up driving only 99 of them. If you want to know exactly what happened and find out more details about his rich life and highly successful racing career, watch the exclusive documentary now being shown on the STREAM platform.