“2023 was a successful year for us in terms of customer deliveries and we returned to growth after the covid issues. The Audi and Volkswagen utility vehicle brands did particularly well, but we were also successful in the field of service, where we managed to fully utilize the capacity of our authorized service centers,” added Hurt.

Around the second quarter, the ratio between demand and supply reversed and, as a result of the overall economic situation, demand from both private and corporate customers began to decline. Not only high inflation and energy prices had a negative influence, but also high interest rates and thus expensive financing, which strongly cooled demand among corporate clients.

For this year, Porsche CR expects, in accordance with analysts’ forecasts, stagnation or a slight decline in the overall market for new passenger vehicles. “We believe that in the second half of the year, the expected drop in inflation, the lower interest rate and the more accessible financing will gradually start the market again. We will continue our electric offensive and contribute to improving the environment and fulfilling our climate commitments by introducing new emission-free models,” added Hurt.

For the Volkswagen passenger car brand, the situation with supply chain disruptions improved significantly compared to the previous year, and a total of 18,938 new Volkswagen passenger cars were registered on the Czech market, which represents year-on-year growth of 18.2 percent. Overall, the most successful was the traditional Golf and Golf Variant with almost a two-fold increase in registrations (5,461 cars), followed by the Tiguan, Touran and Passat models.

Last year, the Audi brand increased sales by 18.4 percent to 4,060 new cars. The best-selling model last year was the updated Audi Q8 with 832 registrations. The RS sports models were also of great interest to Czech customers, with a total of 345 cars delivered. The Seat and Cupra brands recorded a combined 4,603 new car registrations, of which the Cupra accounts for about 35 percent.

Das WeltAuto, the branded program for the sale of verified used cars, sold 16,038 vehicles last year, which means a year-on-year increase of 5.5 percent. The continuously expanding Das WeltAuto network grew to 52 partners last year.

Turnover from service services and sales of parts increased by 9.5 percent to 5.5 billion crowns last year.

Porsche Czech Republic entered 2024 with 165 employees. A total of 62 contractual partners ensure the sale of all represented brands, and 103 partners in the Czech Republic are entrusted with servicing the Group’s cars.