Who among you has heard the phrase that you must not turn around at an intersection under any circumstances? Don’t shout everyone, but keep your eyes and ears open, because today we’re going to bust this myth. Indeed, there are clearly defined situations when you must not turn, but otherwise such a maneuver, also called a U-turn, is legal.

Photo: Jan Majurník

You are not allowed to turn at a controlled (lights, policeman) intersection, but if the traffic lights are not active (off, flashing yellow) and there is no prohibition sign, then it is allowed.

Together with Pavel Greiner from the King Driving School (Prague, České Budějovice), we will advise you on what rules to follow and what to do.

You know, you’re driving and suddenly you realize or remember that you need to turn back. There is no roundabout or gas station, there is an intersection in front of you. What with this? To turn or not to turn?

If it is a controlled intersection, either by traffic lights or by a police officer, then forget about turning back. The same applies in cases where there is a B 25 sign in front of the intersection, i.e. a rotating arrow in a red circle crossed out in red. Attention, the validity of this sign ends at the intersection, otherwise it is necessary to solve it with additional tables.

Photo: bezpecnecesty.cz

The traffic sign “No turning” has the code B 25.

If the intersection is not controlled (traffic light, policeman) and if there is no sign prohibiting turning, then you may turn back at this intersection, and it does not matter whether it is a large intersection with a tram belt or a small crossing.

When turning, always keep to the left side of the road, give signs to change the direction of travel and also remember to give way to all road users who are supposed to get it. This priority applies (you give it) especially when crossing the strip for trams at the intersection and for vehicles using the direction of travel where you want to join.

Photo: Mapy.cz

Turning at an uncontrolled intersection is legal.

If you are entering the turn from one lane and the return direction has multiple lanes, you can choose which one to enter. But again, watch out for other road users.

You can also turn at an uncontrolled intersection that has no more than two directions (forward and reverse), again if there is no B 25 prohibition sign.

Photo: bezpecnecesty.cz

When the light khaki green car gives way to everyone around it, it can legally turn back.

So, hopefully, another myth busted. Of course, be careful when turning, watch the traffic around you, have a clear view and turn on the distance estimation so that you don’t send it in front of someone’s nose, so to speak. So happy miles!