You can also sit in the Tatras and roam the dunes in a video game. This one isn’t that good, but there isn’t much to choose from anyway.

Motorsport fans are living the Dakar right now. However, Monte Carlo is only a few days away and the F1 season doesn’t start until spring. But while you can enjoy rallies and formulas as racers and from the table through a constellation of video games, Dakar does not have many such things, or rather it does, but mostly they are not of such high quality. Currently, the most famous is probably the Dakar Desert Rally from the publisher Saber Interactive, which you can play on PC and consoles.

The Audi RS Q e-tron has after the last tests before the Dakar.  This time it was rampant in France

The game is average, after all, a Czech gaming magazine Vortex gave it a 5/10 rating, but at least it still has new content in the form of updates or paid DLC (we used to call something like that datadiscs). Now, during the actual Dakar, a new DLC has entered the game, which is also apparently the last paid expansion. As the name USA Tour Update suggests, it is a race in North America, although the Dakar was mostly raced in South America.

Players can expect 20 new stages in Sport mode and 12 new stages in Professional mode. The new 256 kilometer area includes Yellowstone, Nevada or the Grand Canyon. You can access the DLC either through the Season Pass or by purchasing it from your platform’s online stores. There is an add-on on Steam for 10 euros.