Currently, there are more than a thousand questions waiting for applicants for a driver’s license. According to the ministry, it is still not enough.

From March 10, 2024, 35 new static questions and 10 dynamic, accompanied videos will appear in the tests when passing the final theory exam in driving schools. Dynamic questions with short video sequences are based on the “Hazard Perception” project. It is the direction modern countries are taking in driver education. “These questions address, for example, risky behavior or crossing intersections. It works very simply. First a question is asked, followed by a video, and then examinees can tick the correct answer from the options they will be offered,” says Jiří Novotný, vice-chairman of the Czech Driving School Association.

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As for the static questions, we can find among them, for example, the definition of the term defensive driving, as well as topics related to the new possibility to drive from the age of 17 accompanied by a mentor or new traffic signs. “Failure to maintain a safe distance is one of the frequent causes of dangerous situations on the roads. Therefore, together we wanted the most important changes from the New Year to appear in the new questions. And among them is a modified sign showing drivers how to properly maintain this safe distance between vehicles.” says one of the creators of the new questions, Pavel Fiala from the Police of the Czech Republic.

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The complete set currently contains over 1000 questions and their number is continuously increasing. The goal is to reach at least 1,500, which is the standard applied, for example, in Germany, according to the Ministry of Transport. The changes continue for the second year, and several dozen new tasks are added approximately once every quarter. “The reason for gradually adding dozens of questions is simple. Some rules, road signs are changing and there is a need to test and communicate problematic topics more and better, such as safe distance, etc.” said the chairman of the Association of driving schools of the Czech Republic, Aleš Horčička. You can try the new questions on the website