In beautiful weather, any convertible can shine – just pull down the roof and enjoy the warm sun rays and the wind in your hair. And it almost doesn’t matter what you’re driving. But when it gets cloudy and cools down, it’s different. First of all, you will appreciate the powerful heating and heating of the seat and steering wheel, the warm air blowing directly on your neck is just the icing on the cake. Then it is still possible to ride “without the top” even in temperatures that do not directly encourage outdoor fun. Then it starts to get tough when, on top of all that, raindrops or even snowflakes start falling on the windshield…

Then it’s not just about whether you’re sitting in a good convertible, but also in a really good car. And the BMW M4 does not disappoint even at this moment. In just 18 seconds and when driving at speeds of up to 50 km/h, you can pull up the multi-layer canvas roof (reinforced with panels made of paper honeycomb structure), which perfectly isolates you from the outside chaos. You will also suddenly welcome all the achievements of modern technology on board with open arms – from the digital instrument panel and state-of-the-art infotainment to sophisticated driving assistants to the variable automatic transmission ensuring smooth shifting and xDrive four-wheel drive, which you can always rely on.

Photo: Lukáš Kukla, Garáž.cz

The extended roof of the M4 Cabrio does not slow it down in any way.

All this makes the open (and also temporarily closed) M4 a great companion for everyday travel. The supercharged six-cylinder under the hood can become quite quiet, the chassis relaxes a little tight muscles and the whole car calms down, driving is not physically demanding, so you can enjoy the comfort behind the wheel (almost) like in any other three-wheel drive BMW. That is, until you press the red “M” button on the steering wheel…

Photo: Lukáš Kukla, Garáž.cz

Those red buttons on the steering wheel can completely change the character of the M4.

Actually, there are two buttons and you can configure each one a little differently – one for example for light sport on the road (all settings on “Sport” and DSC on) and the other for sharp fire on a closed track (“Sport Plus” setting is for Czech roads already quite uncompromising). In any case, the M4 immediately turns into a pretty angry monster that will organize every district for a sitting.

The chassis stiffens, the transmission downshifts by a few qualts, the engine howls and the M4 surges forward as if deprived of its senses. With 100 km/h from rest in 3.7 seconds, the open M4 is in no way behind the closed one (0.2 seconds of difference you won’t really notice in that mold) and it has full speed for you, but it delivers everything in a very precise and controllable form, so you you don’t get chills – that is, until the moment you look at the speedometer on a straight.

Photo: Lukáš Kukla, Garáž.cz

He looks angry and drives like hell!

But you brake safely before a turn, with precise steering you can easily point the nose to the apex, you can lean reliably on the grip and the quad will give you maximum traction on the way out. It is seriously a very impressive adrenaline experience. Of course, you feel like you’re driving an already big and heavy car (after all, the convertible weighs 145 kilos more than the already heavy coupe), but the M4 does everything to shrink around you and look like it’s just gone on a quarter-ton diet.

Photo: Lukáš Kukla, Garáž.cz

He weighs two tons and does not deny those pounds, even if he is very successful in disguising them.

In addition, the M4 cabriolet tries not to feel too much the absence of a roof over your head – you don’t feel any twisting, you don’t hear any grinding, the steering wheel doesn’t shake in your hands and the rear-view mirror doesn’t dance lambada. You’d have to put a lot of pressure on it and/or find some pretty crappy asphalt to make the M4 Cabrio’s knees shake.

But anyway, most experienced pilots will buy a coupe for a circuit run, the more practical ones may go for a sedan or an excellent station wagon. The M4 cabrio will therefore be the choice of those who want a BMW with the sky above their head and don’t have deep pockets, so that they can indulge in high performance and sometimes some supersonic crossings on highways or brisk crushing of districts. But it’s good to know that when the road starts to twist, you can rely on the M4 Cabrio as much as its sibling. Plus, it will make you happy every time the sun peeks out, and it won’t disappoint you when the storm clouds roll in. It’s just a daily joy.

While you can get the BMW M4 coupe in a weaker version (480 hp) with a manual (CZK 2,437,500), in the Competition variant (510 hp) with an automatic and rear-wheel drive (CZK 2,545,400) and all four xDrive wheels (CZK 2,667,600) , you can only buy the convertible in the top Competition xDrive variant for CZK 2,792,400.

Motor in-line six-cylinder, placed in front along, twin-turbo
Displacement volume 2,993 cm3
Performance 375 kW (510 hp) at 6,250 rpm
Torque 650 Nm at 2,750-5,500 rpm
Transmission automatic, 8 degrees
Tree all four wheels
Standby weight 1 995 kg
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 3,7 s
Maximal speed 250 km/h
Consumption (combination) 10.2 l/100 km
Fuel tank volume 59 l
Wheels and tires 275/35 ZR19 front, 285/30 ZR20 rear
Dimensions (length/width/height) 4 794/1 887/1 395 mm
Wheelbase 2 857 mm
Volume of the luggage compartment 385 l