The French van (actually more like an MPV) is among the popular transporters of large families or various shuttle services. Even after the facelift, it is offered in two lengths (498 and 533 cm) and can accommodate up to nine passengers. You can recognize the rejuvenated edition primarily thanks to the revised bow, which is more extravagant, has new lighting technology and a more modern brand logo.

It has also been modernized inside. Completely new is the instrument panel, which is dominated by a ten-inch touchscreen, while in the middle we find a completely new control interface. Multimedia can be configured according to your own preferences, similar to the menu of your smartphone. Of course, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless mirroring as well as connection to a smart mobile application are not missing.

Photo: Citroën

A 10-inch screen with online 3D navigation became the dominant feature of the cabin.

Citroën also appeals to the main benefit of a large MPV – royal interior space and countless storage spaces. For example, the new upper storage compartment in the middle of the dashboard has been enlarged, now it can easily fit a tablet. The creators also promise a high level of acoustic insulation and driving comfort. However, the technical side specifically mentions only one innovation – the electric power steering, which replaces the previous electro-hydraulic one.

Photo: Citroën

Up to nine passengers can smile in the car.

In European markets, the model is sold exclusively as ë-SpaceTourer, i.e. an electric version with a 100kW electric motor and two batteries. The smaller one with a capacity of 50 kWh promises a range of 224 km per charge, the 75 kWh package is said to be enough for 350 kilometers, which is 20 km more than the previous generation. This was achieved by optimizing the drive and the recuperation system.

Outside of Europe, however, the SpaceTourer is still offered with the 180-horsepower BlueHDi turbodiesel, which is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Such an engine is of course a better choice, especially for longer journeys, and we have great news for all potential interested parties. The Czech representative office of Citroën received an exception and will also offer the rejuvenated car here with a diesel engine! However, it will be a limited edition (the number of which has not yet been specified), which will be available to our residents from April this year.