Referring to the company’s statement, Reuters reported about it. Tesla already discounted its Model Y and Model 3 cars in China a week ago.

In Germany, according to Reuters, for example, the company reduced the price of the Model Y Performance car by 5,000 to 55,990 euros (roughly 1.4 million CZK), i.e. by approximately eight percent. Tesla has also reduced prices in France, the Netherlands and Norway, the CNBC television server pointed out.

Data from the Federal Motor Vehicle Authority (KBA) showed this week that Tesla’s sales in Germany fell by nine percent to 63,685 vehicles last year. Tesla has thus been replaced at the head of the German market for cars with a pure electric drive by the domestic brand Volkswagen.

Last week, Tesla announced that it would suspend production at its factory near Berlin from January 29 to February 11. This is due to a shortage of parts due to supply chain disruptions due to attacks by Yemeni rebels on merchant ships in the Red Sea.