You may remember that back in 2015 in Tokyo, Toyota unveiled a sports car concept called the S-FR. Although the study generated a fair amount of interest, a production version never materialized.

And now the Toyota S-FR Roadster suddenly appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show, but it has almost nothing to do with Toyota.

It is a one-piece special built by students of Japan’s Saitama Automobile College. In addition, they put it together from the Mazda MX-5 of the third generation (NC).

The iconic roadster served as the technical basis, the body remained for the most part – the doors, front hood, canvas roof, mirrors or even the windshield are the same.

However, those parts that have the greatest influence on the design and overall impression of the car have been replaced. The goal of the students was, of course, as indicated by the name of the car, to build on the original S-FR concept from 2015.

That’s why Mazda got new lights, specifically the creators used round LED lamps from the Mini car. The bumpers have changed, the radiator grille is new, and at the back we find a diffuser and a striking wing. Of course, new lights also appeared on the rear parts – again round.

The interior features sports seats and a new steering wheel. And all Mazda logos disappeared from it.

If the roadster has any hope for another future, for example in the form of a body kit for the Mazda MX-5, the creators did not indicate.

And by the way, when the original S-FR concept appeared in 2015, there was bold speculation that Toyota used NC and ND generation Mazda MX-5 parts to build it. But of course, no one has officially confirmed them…