In recent years, Activision has taken aim at cheaters in the game Call of Duty, fighting against them often in novel and funny ways (for example, from cutting parachutes to directly removing weapons). The latest tactic targets those who use illegal tools to activate aim assist when playing with mouse and keyboard.

Anti-cheat initiative Ricochet claims that when its security detection systems detect such players, the Call of Duty app simply closes itself. So it’s not a clever trick, the game just shuts down. “Repeated use of these tools may result in additional measures being taken against that account,” the Ricochet group added on X. In other words, Activision is likely suspends or permanently bans incorrigible cheaters.

The point of this measure is (as always) effort establish a level playing field for all players. Aim Assist is a feature primarily intended for console or controller players to compensate for the greater accuracy provided by a mouse (so using it with a mouse and keyboard is a big plus).

While this latest effort to punish cheaters won’t solve all of Call of Duty’s cheating problems, it will at least make the game less enjoyable for cheaters.