A familiar silhouette, you will say looking at the attached photos of the car. Yes, the basis of the modern concept is the well-known Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric car, which, however, underwent many important modifications for the CES technology fair in Las Vegas. It was also blessed with a plethora of new functions that are meant to make the daily life of the driver easier.

We can notice the redesigned design with new bumpers and lighting technology at both ends of the body. In addition to its primary function – i.e. lighting – it also serves as a safety element that communicates with other traffic participants. For example, taillights can alert the driver behind you of a pedestrian in a crosswalk that they might not otherwise see.

The lights are certainly interesting, but the most important gadget of the concept is the new generation e-Corner system, which gives the electric car extraordinary agility. Hyundai had previously developed a prototype that turned practically on a fiver, but here it took the technology to absolute perfection. It must be said, however, that this is not a complete novelty, as similar turning of wheels was experimented with in the early days of motoring.

Foto: Hyundai

Trouble with tight parking spaces may soon be a thing of the past.

Although the manufacturer was not very specific, the novelty should combine steering, braking and suspension functions so that each wheel works independently of the others. The car can turn on the spot thanks to turning all the wheels, and it can also do a crab walk. In practice, this solution will be especially appreciated by less experienced drivers who have problems with parking in narrow spaces. Maneuverability is at an excellent level here, and really everyone can park like this. By the way, check out the video.

The management of the Korean car company made it known at the CES fair that although we are looking at the concept of modern technology, the brand can send it into series production with the snap of a finger. What do you think, would such an assistant make sense in Czech parking lots?

Would you appreciate such a parking assistant in your car?

It will definitely make life easier.

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