Soon the modernized Honda Civic will arrive. It looks even better.

While the Honda Civic is a European staple, it took a break in America. Now the popular car is returning to the scene after a cosmetic upgrade. Although the automaker does not talk much about the technical side, it has released a set of photos of the revealed model without camouflage.

Visually improving the Civic is walking on thin ice, as the current design direction fully reflects its character. The Civic has always been a practical car that, with the right engine, is a joy to drive. And I’m not just talking about the most powerful version of the Type R. In short, with it you get an interesting balance between utility and sporty spirit.

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The good news is that the modernization took place only in details that do not tarnish that aura in any way. On the contrary, it looks even better. The front lights have thinner LED daytime running lights with a bend at the turn signals and a strip in the body color in the lower part, which at the same time forms the new shape of the mask. It has honeycomb design padding, but its appearance will probably change depending on the equipment.

The front bumper with a newly shaped central opening also received a similar grid. The side cutouts, where the fog lamps used to fit, have become slimmer and there is no longer room for them. The depicted version of the Sport Touring on the side impresses with wider sill extensions and six-spoke wheels. At the rear, the sedan gets a smoked lamp cover, which the hatchback is likely to get as well.

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Honda further indicated that the 2025 model year will receive improved functions, by which it probably means multimedia and digital equipment elements, possibly driving assistants. As we know it, the Civic’s technical side will certainly receive minor improvements.


In addition to cars and motorcycles, the Japanese Honda also produces separate engines, generators or garden equipment. The company was founded in 1948 by Soichiro Honda. Since 1950 it has been the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer.

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