A release date has finally been announced sequel to Hellblade by Ninja Theory. It will come out already May 21, 2024. It’s been over four years since Senua’s Saga was announced at the 2019 Game Awards alongside Microsoft’s (then next-gen) Xbox Series X console.

First game of the series – Senua’s Sacrifice – she focused on the protagonist’s journey to the realm of the dead and her struggle with psychological problems. The main theme of the new installment will be Senua’s journey through Iceland, where she will search for the Vikings who raided her hometown.

According to Ninja Theory, players should expect to again as well experiences significantly influenced by psychological problems the main heroines who were the primary focus of the first game. And they won’t be missing either classic fightsbut this time in Iceland.

Senua’s Saga will appear on Microsoft’s Game Pass for Xbox and PC on day one. For those without Game Pass, a digital-only edition will be available for $50. PC users will be able to purchase it from either the Xbox Store or Steam.

Source: engadget.com

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