You’ve probably already come across pranks that, for example, hit drivers of company vans or drivers of BMW cars – they tend to be the target of fun especially because of the supposed non-use of turn signals.

We do not want to evaluate how much these myths are based on truth, but we can admit that they probably have some real basis. Jokes not based on real experience would probably not be a great success and, above all, would not have a long shelf life.

In addition, this type of entertainment is favored by the age of social networks, where profiles, pages or groups dedicated to jokes aimed at selected groups of drivers are created. On “Czech” Facebook, for example, the public group Zase ty Fabie is very successful, and since July 20, 2022, when it was founded, it has already collected almost 17 thousand members. And it’s still growing.

The name of the group clearly indicates what you will find in it. In it, people share their experiences with Škoda Fabia drivers. Right after its introduction in 1999, it became one of the best-selling new cars in the Czech Republic, so it logically filled domestic roads and streets in some 24 years of production. With one of the most popular vehicles of Czech drivers, there is naturally a good chance that meeting it can be a rather special experience.

And it is precisely on you that the Zase ty Fabie group focuses. It regularly features posts pointing out the quite common “ability” of Fabia drivers to drive well below the speed limit for no reason, and thus brake others.

Other posts are devoted to unsuccessful parking, others to reckless behavior, curious accidents or even funny modifications that Fabia owners indulge in their cars. Sometimes, however, even scary things appear in the group, for example a video showing a red Fabia Junior inexplicably turning in the opposite direction on the highway.

We included a few photos from the group in the gallery for example, but many interesting posts are not transferable in this form, because they lack context in the gallery, which is usually provided directly by the authors of individual posts.

So if you are interested in humor on the account of Fabia drivers, it would be best if you visit Facebook directly. And don’t forget – it’s really about having fun, so if you’re one of the Škoda Fabia drivers, equip yourself with an overview…