We’ve had six-wheeled monsters from Apocalypse Manufacturing before, but the Hummer H1 hot rod is nothing short of insane.

Originally machines for military purposes, they live many lives in retirement. Some owners keep them in serial condition for collecting purposes, improve their equipment for even better cross-country ability, or otherwise beautify it to make it appear more civilized. However, Danton Arts Kustoms and Frenchy Export, backed by Gas Monkey Garage, went in a completely different direction, turning an open 2009 Hummer H1 into an apocalyptic hot rod in 10 weeks, and it’s also for sale.

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If you look at the car, you will find that many of the original parts are not left. The body is hand-made from aluminum with a roof lowered by 10 cm. Due to the installation on a six-wheeled chassis with an engine in the middle, the cabin in the rear had to be shortened and newly modeled. The sloping roof seamlessly follows the tubular frame and shelters the otherwise exposed Hellcat 6.2-liter 717-horsepower V8. The system is connected to the 4L80E automatic transmission. Due to its location, the fuel tank and cooling are under the front hood. Coming back to the axles, the front features elements from a Ford F150 and the rear from two Porsche Cayennes.

The body, painted in matte military green, has a custom-made bumper in the spirit of a plowshare at the front, and the light space is filled with blanks and titer LED segments. At the back we find a double spoiler made from a real airplane wing. The six wheels are based on an off-road design. The set measures 245/40 R20 at the front, and 305/35 R24 at the rear. Disc brakes can be seen on all wheels between the spokes.

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The interior will offer even less than an army bar. There are stylish steel shells with minimal padding, a stylish gear knob, a mesh net and a racing steering wheel with a digital instrument panel. For bigger shows at events, the Hummer is equipped with a remote-controlled start, horn and lights. All this via mobile.